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Introducing You to the U.K's Premier Inspirational Gospel Saxophonist
Presskit Intro
Mark Bunney

“Welcome to the Press Kit of U.K Gospel Saxophonist Mark Bunney”

Mark Bunney's journey with the saxophone began at aged 15 at his local church in Leicester, England where he developed his passion for using music to praise God and minster to others. Mark then went on to graduate from Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts and is now a professional musician, recording artist, educator, and entrepreneur who enjoys touring internationally whilst assisting others in learning to play the saxophone.

Mark is known in the gospel arena for his inspirational and dynamic performances. He has shared the stage, recorded, or supported many of the industry's top artists such as Hezikiah Walker, Take 6, Jonathan Butler, Donnie McClurkin, Byron Cage, Shelea, John Stoddart, Lynn Fiddmont, amongst others. Mark's ministry has carried him to performance venues around the world and he has toured extensively throughout the U.K, USA, Europe, South America, South Africa and the Caribbean. 

In 2019 Mark celebrated the launch of his 4th solo album entitled FORHYM, followed up with a yearlong tour across the USA. Mark is also the creator and presenter of SaxMastery. SaxMastery is Mark's unique contemporary method designed for anyone who desires to learn to play the saxophone well. 

Amongst all of Mark’s accomplishments, Mark considers one of his greatest achievements the milestone of recently celebrating 15 years of marriage to his lovely wife and life partner, Ladonna Kezia!

Mark loves to praise God throught music, be a blessing to others, and inspire people to use their gifts and talents to do the same. He attributes his past, present, and future successes to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and considers himself a living testimony of Philippians 4.13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

U.K Inspirational Saxophonist

Educational Achievements...

Berklee Certificate

U.K Inspirational Saxophonist


Dr. Barry C. Black, PH.D
Dr. Barry C. Black, PH.D
62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate (2003-Present).
Washington D.C
Mark is an amazing gospel artist with a remarkable ability to enhance worship with his special genre of instrumental music. He is an incalculable blessing to the thousands who benefit from his talents
Dr. Wintley A. Phipps
Dr. Wintley A. Phipps
World-Renowned Vocal Artist, Pastor and President/CEO of the U.S Dream Academy, Inc.
“I have known Mark in both professional and personal relationships for more than 15 years. Mark has showered many with his extraordinary gift as musician and artistic communicator. He has consistently demonstrated a remarkable gifting for communicating messages through his creative abilities that is incomparable. God has blessed my friend with a glorious gift that he has used masterfully in worship and celebration of our faith through his talents in music”.
Pastor Ian Sweeney
Pastor Ian Sweeney
President of the British Union of Seventh Day Adventists
Mark is tremendously gifted saxophonist, who has been requested to minister at both North and South England Conference Camp Meetings, as well as numerous churches in the British Union Conference. Brother Mark's ministry has been a great blessing to all who were priveleged to listen. Words cannot accurately describe, how spiritually inspiring his musical gift is. I would simply encourage you to listen and experience for yourself.
Dr. Randal Holdman
Dr. Randal Holdman
Senior Pastor, Parkway Life Church
Mark possess an extraordinary gift to connect diversity and bring a sense of unity through his music, his presentations and his personality. Because of my personal influence as a minister throughout the U.S. I have already spoken with many pastors and congregations who are hoping that they too will be able to secure Mark Bunney to come to their cities in the near future and have the same experience we have had during his visits to Parkway Life Church.
Paul Lee
Paul Lee
Soloist for 2018 Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Megan Markle / Assistant to the President for the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
I have had the opportunity of watching Mark grow into a fine young man. He is very aware of his surroundings and the opportunity to make his contribution to society. Mark is a virtuoso saxophonist who tours internationally as an acclaimed pioneer of Gospel-Jazz music. He is able to single-handedly captivate audiences with his mesmerising skills as a performer. Mark has also made a number of professional recordings selling thousands of copies worldwide at his concerts and engagements.
Fay Goodman
Fay Goodman
Managing Director of Award Winning Film/TV and Music Production Company, GOODMEDIA
I have known Mark for over 20 years. During this time I have been very impressed by his extra ordinary ability in his creative art of music. In particular, I have found Mark to be an exceptional and incredible musician showing dedication, determination and individual creative flair. I have witnessed his exceptional talent by working closely with Mark on live performances and studio collaborations with both Mark and his wife Ladonna Bunney.
Mark Kibble of the Internationally acclaimed group “TAKE 6
Mark Kibble of the Internationally acclaimed group “TAKE 6
11-time Grammy Award Winning Artist - Nashville, TN
“Mark Bunney is an extraordinary individual, a world class musician, an inspiration to both lovers of music and aspiring musicians. I am proud to call him my friend and musical brother”.
Her Excellency, Karen-Mae Hill
Her Excellency, Karen-Mae Hill
High Commissioner of Antigua and Barbuda
“Mr Mark Bunney is a distinguished member of the Antigua and Barbuda diaspora in the U.K His talent as a saxophonist and arranger places him in an elite class of talented musicians. Mr Bunney has been involved in several programmes facilitated by the High Commission both as a volunteer and for remuneration. On all instances he has acquitted himself with distinction”.
Pastor Gene Pritchard
Pastor Gene Pritchard
Senior Pastor, Grace Bible Church
“As an ordained minister of the Gospel since 1964, I have met and ministered with thousands of ministers through the years. I believe I am well qualified to discern the authentic from those who are just performers. Mark is authentic AND highly talented! Mark will be a blessing to any church or organisation that invites him”.
Bill Pierce
Bill Pierce
World Renowned Jazz Saxophonist/Chair of Woodwind Berklee College of Music
Mark Bunney, like many of today’s dedicated young musicians, possess a highly developed technical command of his instrument. But what separates him from the others is ability to communicate with the audience. What sets Mark apart is “soul’. He plays with an emotional drive that moves the listener. Look out for Mark Bunney. He is a musical force to be reckoned with.”
Wayne Bucknor, D.M.A
Wayne Bucknor, D.M.A
Professor of Piano at Oakwood University
During my twenty plus years at Oakwood I have on several occasions experienced Mr Bunney’s level of musical expertise in performance and teaching of the saxophone. He has achieved a level of expertise that is not easily acquired which speaks of his hard work and diligence in honouring his craft throughout his life. Mark’s unique contributions to the field of Gospel-Jazz are well noted internationally. I have recommended him to other learning institutions and churches.
Prof. Andreas Bochmann, Ph.D
Prof. Andreas Bochmann, Ph.D
Vice President Friedensau University / Head of M.A. in Counseling Program
Music is a wholistic celebration of spirituality! Mark's gospel saxophone is not just for entertainment, but helps to enter into a worship experience. The music allows you to express your pain and suffering before God - as I have experienced at my wife's, as well as at my mother in law's funeral. But it also lifts you up before the throne of God in joy and exultation - as I can testify, having hosted a number of concerts for Mark in Germany. It's liberating, energizing and definitely very inspiring!
Pastor Olinto L. Groce
Pastor Olinto L. Groce
Senior Pastor at North Orlando S.D.A Church
Our church is tremendously blessed with a plethora of excellent music. Whether it’s vocal, group or instrumentals our worship service is dynamic and reverberating. We were content until Mark Bunney entered with his saxophone. His proficiency, dexterity and eclectic musical repertoire electrified our congregation, stirred our hearts and soothed our souls each time he ministered. I guarantee you will share my sentiments when you welcome him to your church, attend his concerts or purchase his music. Beyond that, you like me and countless others who have been bathed in his music will be richly blessed.
Kerron Hislop
Kerron Hislop
Chair of Music and Fine Arts Department University of the Southern Caribbean
I first met Mark Bunney in 2017, he participated in our Featured Artist Series where he engaged in a number of performances as well as workshops and individual lessons for the saxophone and flute. During this time he provided mentorship and inspiration to our music student population at the University. A humble, honest, and hard-working individual, as a professional musician and educator he exhibits standards of excellence and dedication that are second to none.
Dr. Kingsley O. Palmer
Dr. Kingsley O. Palmer
Assistant to the President for Regional Ministries at the Arizona Conference Corporation of Seventh Day Adventists
In 2009 while pastoring in Reno Nevada, I invited Mark to perform at my church and other local churches in the area. All of us who heard Mark were very impressed with his diverse talents as a saxophonist and his unique eclectic style. The people’s response to his amazing gift and musical capabilities endeared Mark to them in such a way that they desired him to return. I have since then had the pleasure to invite Mark to numerous engagement at church and conference level, including a two week trip to South Africa, and he has become a close friend.
Pastor Eric Stafford
Pastor Eric Stafford
Worship Pastor of Cooper City Church of God
Over the past several years it has been our joy and delight to host and witness the truly exceptional gifts of Mark Bunney in our church’s corporate worship experience. I have seen many gifted and exceptionally talented musicians in my time as a minister and music professional myself, but Mark Bunney is one such person who rises above many! Mark is also a unique educator who has used his innovative teaching methods to assist others at our church.
Archbishop Allen T.D. Wiggins
Archbishop Allen T.D. Wiggins
Senior Bishop of The Hope Church / Presiding Prelate of the International Bishops Conference, Inc.
I’ve known Mark for over a decade and he has proven to be a man of integrity with values and morals consistent with our faith. Mark is a phenomenal inspirational (Christian) Gospel/Jazz artist, with not only the ability to perform, but to also teach. He is a most skilful saxophonist who has put together a system of learning that is most beneficial ( During my time, as a friend to Mr. Bunney, I have watched him rise to the top of his field of endeavor.
Dr. Warren Stewart
Dr. Warren Stewart
Sr. Pastor, First Institutional Baptist Church
God has gifted Mark Bunney abundantly to use his saxophone to His Glory and for the inspiration of all. The humility and professionalism with which he communicates and interacts with others where he ministers are rare gems. His unbridled love and loyalty for our Lord Jesus Christ are exemplified authentically and unapologetically.
Mark with Pastor Paula White @ New Destiny Christian Center, Apopka, Florida, Photos by Ken Frazier:

U.K Inspirational Saxophonist

Performance Summary

Abundant Life Centre, Bradford, UK
Abundant Life SDA Church, Las Vegas, NV
Antigua & Barbuda Embassy & Tourism Events – London, U.K
Antigua & Barbuda S.D.A Camp Meeting, W.I
Antioch Baptist Church, Miami, Fl
Apple Creek SDA Church, Toronto, Canada
Atlanta Youth Congress, Atlanta, GA
Beacon Light SDA Church, Phoenix, NV
Berea SDA Church, Boston, MA
Berean SDA Church, Atlanta, GA
Berean SDA Church, Charlotte, NC
Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA
Bermuda S.D.A, Camp Meeting, Bermuda
Bethel Convention Centre, West Bromwich, UK
Bible Based Fellowship Church, Tampa, FL
Big Miller Grove Baptist Church, GA
Bob Carr Performing Arts Center – Orlando, FL
Brixton SDA Church, London, U.K
Calvary Assembly of God, Orlando, FL
Christian City Life, Hackney, London, UK
City Life Church – Tampa, Florida
Community Praise Center, Alexandria, VA
Concord Baptist Church, Dallas, TX
Daytona Youth Congress, Daytona, FL
De Doelen Performing Arts Center, Rotterdam, Holland
Dominion Center, Wood Green, London
Fallbrook Church, Houston, TX
First Institutional Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ
Florida Conference S.D.A Camp Meetings, FL
Florida Hospital Leadership Conference – FL, USA
Grace Bible Church, Orlando, FL
Heritage Worship Center, Bermuda
Holloway SDA Church, London, U.K
House of Blues, LA, California
International Maritime Organization, (IMO) United Nations, London, U.K
La-Serra University, La-Serra, California
Life International Christian Fellowship, Milton Keynes
Macedonia Baptist Church, Orlando, FL
Madison Mission, Huntsville, Al
Miami Temple SDA Church, Miami, FL
Morning Star Baptist, Boston, MA
Mount Zion Aston Christian Centre, Birmingham, UK
Mountain View SDA Church, Las Vegas, NV
Mt Calvary SDA Church, Tampa, FL
Mt Pisgah SDA Church, Miami FL
Mt Roubidoux SDA Church, Riverside, California
Mt Sinai SDA Church Orlando, FL
Mt Zion Miss. Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC
N.H.S Conferences – U.K
New Bethel Baptist Church, Youngs Town, Ohio
New Destiny Christian Center (Paula White), FL
Newbold College, Bracknell, U.K
North England S.D.A Conference Camp Meetings, U.K
Oakwood University (Pastoral Evangelism Leadership Council, P.E.L.C 2018)
Odyssey Women's Network Business Retreat – Naples, FL
Palm Bay First Pentecostal Church, Palm Bay, FL
Palm Bay SDA Church (Wintley Phipps), FL
Patmos Chapel SDA Church, Winter Park, FL
Redemptive Life Fellowship, West Palm Beach,FL
Riverside SDA church, Nashville, TN
Second Baptist Church, Las Vegas, NV
South Eastern S.D.A Camp Meeting, FL
South England S.D.A Conference Camp Meetings, U.K
Sparks SDA Church, Reno, Nevada
St Marks A.M.E, Orlando, FL
Stamborough Press, Grantham, U.K
Tabernacle SDA Church, Miami, FL
Temple Emmanuel SDA Church, Youngs Town, Ohio
The Fountain of New Life – Miami Gardens, FL
The Von Braun Center (Oakwood Alumni Weekend 2015) – Huntsville, AL
Toronto S.D.A Camp Meeting, Toronto, Canada
Triumphant Church of Jesus, Toronto, Canada
Valley Crossroads S.D.A Church
Wembley Arena & The Royal Albert Hall – London, U.K

U.K Inspirational Saxophonist

Additional Videos

International Music Educator


International Music Educator Mark Bunney
Quiet Revolution Productions

SaxMastery is a new and unique yearly course presented and hosted by saxophonist Mark Bunney. The course offers a progressive step-by- step approach from your first note to mastering advanced musical vocabulary used by todays leading contemporary saxophonists.

To learn more about SaxMastery visit:

SaxMastery YEAR 1/ YEAR 2 Course Boxes Contain:

13 Monthly Lesson Guides plus Audio & Video BENEFIT FROM...
  • A clear and easy learning method
  • Suitable for absolute beginners to advanced
  • Step by step coaching & tips from Mark B
  • Your Audio Sax Practice Partner/ role model
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home
  • Suitable for ages 12 years and upwards
  • Proven method, guaranteed results
Year 1/Year 2 Courses

U.K Inspirational Saxophonist


View Product

Mark Bunney’s 2019 Album, FORHYM is undoubtedly an exceptional work of art! Mark at his finest. FORHYM is 13 unique Hymn arrangements produced by John Stoddart (of Kirk Whalum’s Band) as you’ve never heard them before. Prepare to be taken from one high to another as Mark weaves his incredible saxophone skills from one song to the next! FORHYM also features a dynamic performance by world renowned singing sensation, Shelea. FORHYM transcends musical boundaries and is truly an album for every music lover’s collection. You won’t want to miss this one!


The Art Of Praise CD
The Art Of Praise CD
View Product

This is a MUST for any Gospel Jazz lover.  A fresh & inspirational album filled with high energy & unexpected twists & turns on the sax & flute that will take you on a soul lifting journey through some of the gospel classics & hymns. Check it out!


The Coming Soon Debut CD
The Coming Soon Debut CD
View Product

This Dynamic debut jazz-gospel album is an exciting blend of Marks original compositions along with fresh new arrangements of popular gospel classics. Featuring some of the UK’s finest musicians this album will certainly pick you up, lift your spirit and have you praising for the rest of the day!


For His Praise CD
For His Praise CD
View Product

"For His Praise" is a compilation of inspirational and meditative classic gospel favourites, as usual played with excellence and the soulful virtuosity that has become the signature of Marks playing.

After listening to this album you'll certainly see why it is called "For His Praise", It's guaranteed with a lifetime blessing!


U.K Inspirational Saxophonist

Contact Details

For bookings, Sax & Other Enquiries Contact Mark on:

USA: 1(305) 848 4007

UK & Whatsapp: +44 7988 640 594