"Intensely rewarding"
Errol Johnson
Leicester, U.K

Wow, I was really pleased with this course. I'd been thinking about picking up the sax for a while and a friend recommended me to SaxMastery - at the time I totally didn't expect a course like this, but let's just say I was very pleasantly surprised! I am very pleased with my fast progress on SaxMastery and Mark's coaching is always helpful & motivating.

"She loves it"
Andreas Bochmann

My wife in her fifties...) decided she wanted to learn to play the sax. So I bought her the set, even though thinking, she might give up after a few weeks (we aren't exactly what you'd call musically gifted). She started off practicing ... I had to endure the odd sounds. After three month she gave a first "public performance" at a church event. She loves it ... and she stuck with it and I gladly "endure". If that isn't motivation and dedication, I don't know what is. :-) And the results ... I wouldn't have thought possible, if I didn't hear it myself.

"To play Sax was my ultimate dream!"
Sandra Ford
London, UK

The course is simple and easy to understand, you mirror on your Sax what the CD is playing with the help of the lesson book. At the beginning of each lesson, there is always an encouraging word. You do the lessons at your own pace, so you can digest it as accuracy plays a massive part in the lesson. In order for you to progress, you need to discipline yourself to do the lessons daily, build a routine and balance it with work. home and life. If you want to play Sax and play well this is definitely the course for you. Sax Mastery it's brilliant and I love it!

"Very easy to follow and personal assistance when needed"
Jason Thomas
Huntsville, U.S.A

SaxMastery has gone way beyond the call of duty in assisting me with my sax development. Mark is clearly a master teacher. His tutorial series is very easy to follow along with his personal assistance when needed. I will recommend SaxMastery to all!

"The progress I've made since I started has been remarkable"
Kline Wilkins
Coalville, U.K

These lessons are quite unique, I have been playing the sax for a number of years and I know. I've tried a lot of lessons over a number of years, and I can tell you these lessons work! The progress I have made since I started has been remarkable, so pleased I stuck with the course, I used to dream about playing in a band, now three years on I'm out every week playing. If you're thinking of learning to play the sax or you've been playing for years like myself you must try SaxMastery, you'll be inspired, I was.

"You learn at your own pace"
Cynthia Palmer-Golding
Sheffield, U.K

The course is so easy to follow. You have to make the commitment and set the time aside which can at times be hard. I make up for any missed days by playing extra at the weekends. I would recommend this way of learning the saxophone to anyone. It is easy to follow, self explanatory and you learn at your own pace. I was going too fast initially but I have now slowed down to a more realistic pace and I am still loving every minute of it.

"I want to rate the great SaxMastery course 6 stars!"
Marcus Reynolds

If you are looking for a saxophone course that will unlock the musician in you then you have found it! You can only progress up the ladder swiftly with this style of tuition. I have made rapid progress and found every step of the way very clear indeed, the saxophone tones are ever present to guide you towards your goal, but most of all I found the journey not only exciting but a very enjoyable experience. I want to rate the great SaxMastery course 6 stars and you will too once you start.

"Simple to understand & convenient"
Sidney Almeida
U.K. via Brazil

SaxMastery is a simple and yet, a very effective method of learning saxophone. It combines the use of visual, audio and written content. It develops your skills of listening and playing correctly. The method is self-explanatory, I highly recommend the use of this method, as is it flexible to use, simple to understand and effective for learning.

"It's contemporary, fun and very inspirational."
Gabrielle Guy
London, U.K

The progress I have made since starting SaxMastery has been nothing short of phenominal! I've seen a huge difference in a short space of time, where I now have the confidence to play and improvise with others and I can find what key I'm in so much quicker than before. My tone and projection are also now much better than before. It's contemporary, fun and very inspirational. You definately need daily practice and need to be self motived. Overall it is very good!

"Grab this opportunity, before you loose it"
Danny Paat
Reading, U.K.

Since starting SaxMastery I've now got direction and a glimpse of hope that one day I can be a good player. It's not always easy as I work long hours and commitment is essential to improve. At times it's tough but Mark's words of encouragement and inspiration throughout the course keeps you going. Few great opportunities present themselves once in a lifetime, this is one of those times, my advice to anyone who wants to learn the sax is grab this opportunity, before you loose it. Start the lessons, you will see the results.

"One of the best decisions I made"
Haydn Lorde
Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

SaxMastery has helped me to learn how to play the saxophone melodiously. The lessons are quite easy to understand and his teaching strategies are remarkable. I would definitely these lessons. You won't be disappointed in fact you may wonder what took you so long to make the best decision in regards to playing the sax.

"Total different from any other method i've tried in the past."
Judy McSharry
Leicester, U.K

Saxmastery is total different from any other method i've tried in the past. I can really see where it's leading me and it encourages and inspires me to want to learn more

"It's so affordable!"
Jessie C. Tiu
Sheffield, U.K

I have always dream of playing the saxophone, but I never had the oppurtunity and the time to pursue it. Saxmastery is concise and easy to follow, I had never touched a sax before this and now I play regular, it's a dream come true! Saxmastery is so hands on. After a year of doing the saxmastery lessons I could play any song that I love to play. I highly recommend this course, best thing is that it's so cheap, by that I mean it's so affordable!