Frequently asked questions

I would love to start but I don’t have a Sax! What do you recommend?

If you would love to start SaxMastery but don’t have a saxophone we now offer the SaxMastery Year 1 course with a brand new Startone Alto Saxophone! The Startone Alto Saxophone is a robust and excellent student model that offers fantastic value for the price. It comes in sturdy padded case with all the basic accessories. It is also checked and set up for you so it’s ready to go right out the case for the SaxMastery Getting Started Lesson. To get this package, click on the START NOW tab in the menu above. This package is only available within the U.K.

How much should I practice?
How long will it take to get good?
What happens if I need help or don’t understand something?
Am I too young or old to Start SaxMastery?
Do women play the Saxophone?
Do I need to be able to read music?
SaxMastery uses a lot of repetition, Why?
Can I do SaxMastery on a Soprano or Tenor Saxophone or other Bb (B Flat) Instrument?
Will SaxMastery teach me to play in the altissimo (extreme high notes) range?
I’m not a beginner! Can I still benefit from using SaxMastery Year 1?
What Saxophone and equipment does Mark Bunney use?
Hey, I keep trying to play the notes on the saxophone but it always comes out a lot higher than the track